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[802SEC] Proposed appointments for the upcoming terms of office


By our rules, all terms of office end at the end of the first plenary session of even years. Thus, everyone on the IEEE 802 LMSC's terms are up at the end of the March 2024 plenary session.

If elected as IEEE 802 Chair, I plan to appoint the following positions:

First Vice Chair: David Halasz
Second Vice Chair: George Zimmerman
Recording Secretary: John D'Ambrosia
Executive Secretary: Jon Rosdahl
Treasurer: Clint Chaplin
Member Emeritus, Past Chair: Paul Nikolich
Member Emeritus, IEEE 802 Advisor: Geoff Thompson

IEEE 802 ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC6 Standing Committee Chair: Peter Yee
IEEE 802 ITU Standing Committee Chair: Glenn Parsons
IEEE 802 Public Visibility Chair: Tuncer Baykas
IEEE 802 IETF Standing Committee Chair: TBD
IEEE 802 Wireless Chairs Standing Committee: TBD

The last two positions are currently filled by Dorothy Stanley, who will continue in the interim until someone is appointed and confirmed. I want to thank Dorothy for offering to continue in the interim.

As the Chair of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group for 2024-2026 is as yet undetermined, I propose to wait until the selection of the Chair by the IEEE 802.11 WG before filling those positions.

The Wireless Chairs Standing Committee will provide a recommendation for the appointment.

For the IETF Chair, I will look for input from the IEEE 802.1 WG Chair and IEEE 802.11 WG Chair for input. If you are interested, you can contact me and those chairs.

I hope to have appointments for both positions determined either by the close of the March plenary session or soon thereafter.

James Gilb

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