Active PARs

Project Type of PAR Link to PAR on IEEE-SA site Link to Local Copy
(Date retrieved)
Link to CSD approved by LMSC (Date link inserted)
P802.11ak Amendment General Link P802.11ak.pdf
 Approved .11ak 5C
(2017-05-02) **
P802.11aq Amendment Pre-Association Discovery P802.11aq.pdf
(2018-03-06, approved 2016-12)

Original P802.11aq.pdf
 Approved .11aq 5C **
P802.11ax Amendment High efficiency wireless LAN P802.11ax.pdf
P802.11ay Amendment Next Generation 60 GHz P802.11ay.pdf

** On NesCom agenda in 2018-01 for modification
P802.11az Amendment Next Generation Positioning P802.11az.pdf

Original PAR
Approved .11az CSD

Original approved .11az CSD
P802.11ba Amendment Wake Up Radio P802.11ba.pdf
Approved .11ba CSD
P802.11 Revision (REVmd) IEEE 802.11 Revision PAR P802.11REVmd.pdf
(No CSD is necessary as this is a maintenance project)

** Note - this project pre-dates the CSD requirements,  and has provided a 5C using the previous process.

Inactive PARs

Project Type of PAR Year of Approval Link to Local Copy
(Date retrieved)
Link to CSD approved by LMSC (Date link inserted)
P802.11aj Amendment Chinese Millimeter Wave P802.11aj.pdf
 Approved .11aj 5C
(2017-05-02) **
P802.11 Revision (REVmc) 2016

P802.11ah Amendment 2016

P802.11ai Amendment 2016

P802.11ac Amendment 2013 P802.11ac.pdf

P802.11af Amendment 2013 P802.11af.pdf

P802.11ad  Amendment  2012  P802.11ad.pdf

P802.11ae  Amendment  2012  P802.11ae.pdf

P802.11aa  Amendment   2012  P802.11aa.pdf

P802.11REVmb  Revision (REVmb) 2012  P802.11REVmb.pdf

P802.11s  Amendment   2011  P802.11s NesCom Submittal 041107.pdf
As submitted 2007-04-11 

P802.11u  Amendment   2011  802.11u Project Authorization Request (PAR) Form.pdf 
As submitted 2004-11-19

P802.11v  Amendment   2011  NesCom 802-11v.pdf
As submitted 2004-10-07 

P802.11z  Amendment   2010  P802.11z NesCom Submittal 041107.pdf
As submitted 2004-04-11

P802.11p  Amendment   2010  802.11p Project Authorization Request (PAR) Form.htm
As submitted 2004-05-10 

P802.11n Amendment   2009  P802.11n_NesCom_PAR_Extension_Pre-Submittal_052707.pdf
Extension request submitted 2007-05-27

P802.11w  Amendment   2009  802.11w Project Authorization Request (PAR) Form.pdf
As submitted 2005-02-07

P802.11y  Amendment   2008  802-11y-IEEE-Submitted-PAR.pdf
As submitted 2005-11-18

P802.11r  Amendment   2008  11-03-0771-06-frfh-possible-par.doc
As approved by WG 2004-03

P802.11k  Amendment   2008  802.11k-PAR.pdf 
As approved 2002-12-12

P802.11  Revision (REVma)  2007  802.11ma-PAR.pdf
As approved 2003-04-24

P802.11e  Amendment   2005  802.11e-PAR.pdf
As approved 2001-06-01 

P802.11j Amendment   2004  802.11j-PAR.pdf
As approved 2002-12-12 

P802.11i Amendment   2004  802.11i-PAR.pdf
As approved 2001-06-01 

P802.11h Amendment   2003  802.11h-PAR.pdf
As approved 2000-12-13 

P802.11g Amendment   2003  11-00-0114-00-00sb-draft-par-for-hrbsg.doc
Submission to WG 2000-05

P802.11d Amendment   2001  par80211dapp.pdf
As approved 1999-06-26

P802.11b-Cor-1 Amendment   2001  802-11b-cor-1.pdf
As approved 2000-01-30

P802.11b  Amendment   1999  par80211bapp.html
As approved 1997-12-09

P802.11a  Amendment   1999  par80211aapp.html
As approved 1997-09-16 

P802.11  Revision 1999 
(Reaff 2003)
As approved 1997-12-09 

P802.11  Standard 1997-06-26  

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