Happy Birthday 802.11
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The Working Group for WLAN Standards

LB Group(s) Comment(s) Instructions Document(s) Opened Closed Days Ballot Results
22 TGaj Comments TGaj Draft 45GHz 0.6 CC22 Draft Draft P802.11aj_45GHz_D0.6.pdf Wed Jul 29, 2015 Fri Aug 28, 2015 30 Ballot Group
Redlined Doc n/a Approve n/a
Resolution Doc n/a Abstain n/a
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.csv format
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Ballot Group n/a Approve% n/a
CA Document n/a
CSD Document n/a
214 TGai Recirculation TGai Draft 6.0 LB214 Draft Draft P802.11ai_D6.0.pdf Thu Jul 16, 2015 Fri Jul 31, 2015 15 Ballot Group 336
Redlined Doc Draft P802.11ai_D6.0 Redline.pdf Approve n/a
Resolution Doc 11-15-0772-08-00ai-lb213comments-for-draft-5-0.xlsx Abstain n/a
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Ballot Group LB214 Voters Approve% n/a
CA Document n/a
CSD Document 11-10-1153-00-0fia-fast-initial-link-set-up-5c.doc

Many of the IEEE 802.11 teleconferences use "Join Me".   We share a single IEEE-SA supplied account amongst these meetings.   The meeting credentials and local dial-in numbers are shown here.

It's party time!

During the period of July to September 2015,  802.11 will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.  The first meeting of 802.11 was its study group in September 1990.  We are holding a celebration event at our July 2015 802.11 session in Waikoloa, Hawai'i,  and there will be a press campaign simultaneous with the September 2015 802.11 session in Bangkok.

Travel for Hawaii session

If you are renting a car for the July 802.11 session,  or would like a ride in one,  please consider the Shared ride planner .

IEEE 802.11 Presentation

The publicity standing committee (PUB SC) have produced a presentation called "What 802.11 is doing" intended to be used to explain 802.11's current activities to those outside 802.11.  This is now available on this website.

"Click Here" for                         IEEE 802 Free StandardsIEEE 802 STANDARDS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD !

The IEEE has made available IEEE 802 standards for free download.  Under this program, a standard may be downloaded for free six months after the initial publication of the standard.

All relevant IEEE 802.11 Standard, Amendments, and Recommended Practices are listed here.


Draft standards are available from a number of sources:


The IEEE-SA has created an easy to use Online Standards Development web site that has a wealth of information that details the whole standards process flow, from creation of the initial PAR, to balloting to final draft, and beyond. It even includes, tutorials, and online forms of the various processes evolved. This site is recommended for all Members and Chairs involved.