802.11 Telecons

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Calendar of meetings

You can access the calendar of meetings here.

Meeting Logistics

Many of our 802.11 telecons use Join Me.   Instructions for using this tool may be found here.

The chair running the meeting will send out a notification to the appropriate reflector in advance of the meeting.  The notification should contain telecon details,  and an agenda.

The email reflectors for the various 802.11 groups can be accessed here.

Applicable Rules

All meetings held as 802.11 or a subgroup of is are bound by the following policies and procedures:

        IEEE Patent Policy

        Patent FAQ

        Letter of Assurance Form

        Affiliation FAQ

        Anti-Trust FAQ


        802 LMSC P&P

        802LMSC OM

        802 WG P&P (Except Sponsor BRCs)

        IEEE802.11 WG OM (Except Sponsor BRCs)

When a Sponsor Ballot Resolution Committee (BRC) is formed to address comments in a sponsor ballot,  the group is operating under the Sponsor committee (in this case,  IEEE 802/LMSC) rules.  The main impact on this for 802.11's work is that Sponsor BRC meetings may make motions during telecons.

Except as noted above, all 802.11 subgroup meetings are bound by the full set of P&P described about.  802.11 standing committees,  study groups and task groups do not make motions on telecons,  with one additional exception.   The exception is for a task group in the very final stages of working group letter ballot.  Such a task group must have received conditional approval to go to sponsor ballot from the Sponsor.

Dorothy Stanley