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[STDS-802-11-TGAY] Task Group AY - Call for Presentations and Task Group chair recommendation


Task Group AY is scheduled for the following 6 time slots during the
July Plenary in Big Island:

[1]  Monday AM1 (ad-hoc)
[2]  Tuesday AM1
[3]  Tuesday PM3 (evening session)
[4]  Wednesday AM1
[5]  Thursday AM2
[6]  Thursday PM1

Please let me know if you plan any submission, and make sure your
submission is available on Mentor before Monday AM1 and is ready to be

As per the discussion in May Interim, task group chair recommendation
will be taken place in July and it is now scheduled on Wednesday AM1.



If you wish to be removed from this reflector, do not send your request to this reflector - it will have no effect.

Instead, go to and then press the LEAVE button.

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