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RE: stds-802-16-tg1: delete Mode A?

Hi Roger,

Why is this so quiet?

The technical pros & cons as well as the long term socio-economic benefits
of abandoning Mode A can be debated ad nauseam. I believe one mode is better
than two...but a change this big, this LATE, presents a reasonable
apprehension of bias towards developers of burst demod technologies. Keep
Mode A. (let's look at some low impact interoperability improvements like
reducing the number of useable rolloff factors)


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Dear TG1 Folks:

As I'm sure you know, the TG1 PHY includes two downlink modes: Mode A
(Continuous) and Mode B (Burst).

Over the past few meetings, there has been informal discussion about
the advantages of streamlining the document and encouraging
interoperability by reducing options. One issue that has been
informally discussing regards the deletion of Mode A.

This topic may arise at Session #13 next week. In preparation, I
would like to gather some input on the importance of Mode A.

I'd like to encourage you to reply to the TG1 reflector with your
preference on whether or not to keep Mode A. I also welcome your
thoughts on the topic.