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stds-802-16-tg1: IEEE-SA action: 802.16 Conformance projects renumbered

In accordance with an 802 SEC motion 
<> to renumber the 802.16 
Conformance projects, the IEEE-SA Standards Board has today 
(following yesterday's recommendation from its New Standards 
Committee [NesCom]) renumbered the three projects, as follows:

P1802.16.1 as P802.16/Conformance01
P1802.16.2 as P802.16/Conformance02
P1802.16.3 as P802.16/Conformance03

The new designations are a bit long, but they get rid of the 
confusing "1" at the beginning. The use of the "1" has long been a 
declared 802 convention for conformance documents, but only one such 
document exists.

The new scheme also makes it clear that 802.16/ConformanceX is a 
conformance document relating to IEEE Std 802.16. In contrast, for 
example, 1802.16.2 could have looked like a conformance document for 
IEEE Std 802.16.2.

For more historical perspective: IEEE staff instigated this change, 
and I worked out the scheme with them. I moved the motion at the SEC 
after discussing it with the Working Group at Session #25. It's a 
minor nuisance to make the change, but we will be better off.

I have already updated the web site in every place I could find. 
Please let me know if I missed something.