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stds-802-16-tg2: Re: Comment resolution


Received and getting started. In addition to what I am dinged for, I
will also
look at Comment 80 as I wrote that section. In addition, I will also try
deal with Comment 108 within the scope of sections C1, C2 and C3. This
section is a very condensed summary of all the simulation work but we
perhaps add some text to be more informative.

I suggest we ask Bob to respond to Comment 20. If he cannot provide us
with a
proper definition of XPD then who can?

I will have trouble dealing with Annex G until we have reached a
consensus on
comment resolution. Until then, I won't know what added references have
accepted. Most of the proposed additions seem to come from ETSI land but
does not look like the comments included full reference descriptions.
For those
dealing with these comments, please include a complete description if
you are
accepting a reference (if you have it). Right know, I am having trouble
ETSI access but I assume that Barry and Phil can help here.

I assume that we will want the references sequenced so that they
correspond to
a first appearance in the doc. text. This will be fun and will drive
Muya nuts.

Paul: I will be asking for your assistance on the 4.2 comments as you
were the
original developer of this section. Can you look at them ASAP and get
back to

Happy Easter,



Phil Whitehead wrote:

> Dear comment resolvers
> A copy of the comment spreadsheet, adapted for the first step of the
> resolution process is attached.I have highlighted binding comments and
> technical non-binding comments. The rest are editorial and I hope are easy
> to resolve. I have tried to ensure that no-one is responsible for accepting
> his own comments!
>  I propose the following revision to the list of responsibilities:
> section................................................responsibility
> global/title/introduction..................myself
> sections 1,2,5,8 and appendix B...myself
> section 3, appendix F....................Paul
> sections 4,7, appendix G..............Jack
> sections 6,9, appendix A..............Remi
> appendix C,D,E...............................Barry
> [Bob,Reza and Ray......as there are almost no comments on the antenna
> parameters, I propose that Remi deals with the whole of section 6]
> [Paul.....I would like you to deal with section 3, so that I am not
> resolving comments made by myself]
> The process should work as follows:
> - make a copy of the spreadsheet
> - delete the sections for which you are not responsible
> - consider each comment and propose a resolution (consult with others as
> necessary)
> - if you do not agree to the comment, consult with others, and if still not
> able to agree,  state in the rebuttal-rationale column your reasons
> - email the completed spreadsheet to me and copy to Muya not later than 5th
> January (earlier if possible)
> - I will recompile and send to Roger before 8th January
> - I will liaise with Muya on the necessary editing work
> It seems that we do not have to issue a complete new document for the
> recirculation process, only the changes.
> We should pay particular attention to binding comments. If we can agree to
> these comments, it should be possible to change some negative votes into
> positive. Of course, we should only make changes that are acceptable. It is
> possible (though I hope not) that we will be left with some comments that
> can not beresolved to everyone's satisfaction. We will have to deal with
> these in the next step.
> The recirculation is also a good opportunity to note any further editorial
> points that we have missed and can resolve easily, so as to improve our
> document quality.
> Please would all comment resolvers drop me a note to confirm that they have
> received this message and can complete the task.
> Have a good New Year
> Best regards
> Phil Whitehead
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                    Name: ballot_comments_29Dec.xls
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>                                Encoding: base64