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stds-802-16-tg2: thoughts on comment resolution process

Dear TG2:

Here are a few things I learned in the comment resolution process:

*Spreadsheets don't work really well as databases or word processors, 
but they suffice.

*The clause editors needs to be given a list of Recommendations to 
select from. The list that Muya and I came up with works pretty well:

Accepted           accepted verbatim
Accepted-Modified  the recommendation addresses the intent of the comment
Accepted-Clarified an implementation of what the comment wanted
Accepted-Duplicate the comment is OK but was handled in another comment
Rejected           rejected
Superceded         comment not usable due to acceptance of another comment

We can include these choices on the spreadsheet as form elements.

*If a comment is just plain "Accepted", the resolution should not 
repeat the comment. Otherwise, the reader has to study the comment 
and the resolution word by word to see that there is no difference.

*The clause editors need to distinguish carefully between what goes 
in the Proposed Resolution column (which should be specific) and what 
is the Reason.

*Neither the Proposed Resolution section nor the Reason section needs 
to say things like:

-I think this is good idea.
-I don't like this idea.
-I suggest we accept this one.

The best way to handle these kind of notes is to add a field labeled 
"Clause Editor's comments." These comments will be useful by the 
Comment Resolution Committee but will not be entered into the 
database or reported.

*We need a Notes field, especially to note ramifications that we 
don't want to forget about.

*The clause editors did a good job of getting their suggestions in. Thanks!

*The resolutions require careful review by an editor for editorial 
corrections, oversights, ambiguities, and consistency with the rest 
of the text and among the various resolutions. I spent a lot of time 
on this, and Muya did a great job. Now that Muya is fully on board, I 
think he will be able to handle the editorial work alone, especially 
if we sharpen the clause editors' input format.

*The clause editors did a nice job of communicating with the negative 
voters to make sure the resolution would address their concerns. We 
still need to reconfirm and get those Approve ballots turned in.