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stds-802-16-tg3: Corrected list of references


After the publishing of the document 802.16.3c-01/60 "Detailed ARQ Proposal
for 802.16a and 802.16b MAC ( 01/05/04)"
I recognized that the table of references was not complete (as a result of
my technical mistake). I am sorry about that because in this document 
several ideas of another people were used (particularly, ideas of Subir and
Subbu). So I apologize and please find below the correct 
list of references

[1] IEEE 802.16/D2-2001. Draft Standard Air Interface for Fixed Broadband
Wireless Access Systems
[2] 802.16.3c-01/38, ARQ Proposal for TG3/TG4 Systems (Subir Varma,
[3] 802.16.3c-01/40 ARQ for TG3 and TG4 Systems (Subbu Ponnuswamy and Jacob
Jorgensen, 01/03/08)
[4] 802.16.3c-01/36 ARQ Proposal for 802.16 TG3/4 MAC (Vladimir Yanover et
al., 01/03/07)

[The usage of the ideas of these authors does not necessary mean that they
support the mentioned document]

I would like to point also that this document concerns both TG3 and TG4 MAC
though it was published in TG3 section.


Dr. Vladimir Yanover

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