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stds-802-16-tg4: Suggested Agenda Items for the TG3/TG4 MAC Discussions

Hi, All

Let me suggest several topics to be discussed by TG3/TG4 MAC Groups at the
Session #13.

1. Reconsider the Table of Contents of the TG3 MAC Document

It should become a part of the whole 802.16 standard document, the topics of
TG3 MAC Document 
that are changes to certain sections of TG1 MAC have to get the
corresponding numbers.

2. Develop a baseline text for the ARQ topic.

At the moment there are few proposals on the table. May be the authors will
find a way to integrate them.
The only alternative is to start the selection process.
Some of proposals are very close, for example, proposals of BreezeCOM and

3. Develop a baseline text for the Packing as we need it for TG3

It starts to be clear that the existing structure of MAPs/headers is too
restrictive to provide VoIP services
with low overhead.

4. Develop a baseline text for the PHY dependent MAC definitions (what we
call "MAC-PHY interface)

Subir submitted a good example of such text for SC PHY: framing, MAP
messages, mini-slots etc.
The existing TG1 MAC contains such definitions in the general form (that by
the way is not suitable for 
OFDM PHY). We have to take a look at these definitions and to decide what is
the better way of organization
of TG3 / TG4 material. For example, we may decide that this part of the TG1
text is not generic enough and
to suggest removing their text from the general part of MAC so that every
group will write its own version. 

5. I would suggest discussing additional subjects that might be included
into the TG3 MAC Document:

a) QoS
It seems that the definitions for QoS support in TG1 MAC (imported from
DOCSIS with virtually no changes)
are partially not sufficient and partially too restrictive for such
applications like Internet services provided through
the wireless network.

b) Simplification of Network entry procedure for TG3 SSs 

Today the Network Entry process consists of several steps that include IP
level operations.
On one hand, it is out of the scope of the MAC protocol. On the other hand,
it requres implementation of IP stack at
SS that might be restrictive for the low-end SSs.


Dr. Vladimir Yanover

System Manager
BreezeCOM Ltd.
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P.O. Box 13139, Tel-Aviv 61131, Israel
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