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stds-802-16-tg3: comments on RSSI-CCI

From: "Don Arnstein" <>
To: <>
Subject: comments on RSSI-CCI
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 11:31:32 -0400

Here are my thoughts on the subject of RSSI-CCI:

I disagree that one-way measurements on the downlink broadcast will 
suffice.  In a symmetrical link such as TDD, a one-way measurement 
would suffice to characterize the return links.  Otherwise, both 
uplink and downlink measurements are needed to fully characterize the 
link losses or link quality.

I believe that RSSI-CCI does not tell the whole story, and that 
additional measurements may be necessary.  There should be a tie-in 
between the intended use of the measurement and the measurement 
description.  Intended-use would help to determine accuracy needed 
and sampling frequency. I think there could be many solutions 
depending on intended uses.

Donald Arnstein
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