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stds-802-16-tg2: Session #16, Austin

The note from Phil, below, refers to these documents:

1. IEEE802.16.2a-01/04: draft agenda for TG2 at session # 16

2. IEEEC802.16.2a-01/09: coexistence of PP links (revision of earlier 
paper using modified simulation tool)

3. IEEEC802.16.2a-01/10: an analysis of the adjacent channel same 
area case for PP-PMP interference.

4. IEEEC802.16.2a-01/11: simulation data for archive purposes (to 
allow future readers to trace the origin of our results).

>Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 16:11:26 +0000
>From: "Phil Whitehead" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Session #16, Austin
>Dear TG2 participants
>I have uploaded the agenda for Session #16 plus 3 contributions. 
>These complete the majority of the complex analysis we will need for 
>the PP links part of our amended document. Remaining calculations 
>should not need any Monte Carlo simulations. We need to review this 
>during the meeting.
>I am also expecting some inputs from Jack Garrison and David 
>Chauncey on the 2-11 GHz work. Jack has been studying various 
>aspects of propagation below 11 GHz. We may need a further 
>discussion with TG3, dependent on our conclusions during the TG2 
>meeting. Anyway, I am anxious to keep them well informed on our 
>progress and to keep our new document aligned, as far as possible, 
>to their work.
>Finally, I hope to meet with the UK RA next week, to see if they 
>have any useful inputs that they could release to IEEE, particularly 
>for the 2-11GHz analysis.
>Time permitting, I will produce and submit one more contribution 
>before the meeting - a revision of the working document, including 
>the material provisionally accepted during Session #15.
>See you all in Austin
>Best regards