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stds-80220-coexistence: Items 1.1 and 1.2


1.1  Coexistence among 802.20 systems - This would be inevitable. Specifically, with 802.20 having both TDD and FDD variants that could be deployed in the same band, Coexistence TG has no choice but to analyze the coexistence of 802.20 TDD and 802.20 FDD systems in both geographically and spectrally adjacent cases.


1.2  and 1.2.1 Coexistence among 802.20 and non-802.20 systems - Analyzing coexistence of 802.20 and non-802.20 would depend on identification of target bands for 802.20 deployment. Although theoretically possible to deploy 802.20 in any mobile band below 3.5 GHz, it is impractical to analyze all the bands. My recommendation would be to recommend to the Coexistence TG to pick a few "target bands", given the regulatory and business factors, and then analyze the coexistence of 802.20 with the systems that are already deployed in those specific bands. These "target bands" could be the ones that are more likely to see 802.20 deployment in the near future. For instance, 2.5-2.69 GHz, in my opinion, would qualify for a target band in the US and probably elsewhere.


1.2.2 Liaison - This should be definitely left to the Coexistence TG to decide what other entities to have liaison with. The decision is going to depend, partly, on the selection of "target bands". I think it would be premature for the CG to make any recommendation on liaisons other than in the general sense, e.g. liaison with regulatory authorities, ITU-R, CEPT, etc., which the TG will most probably have anyways.



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We will have our next conference call as scheduled on October 10th, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT. The conference bridge information will be announced later.
We will be focusing on the items 1 and 2 of the "to do" list prepared at the Singapore meeting. Item 6 is also related and we'll discuss that if time permits. I repeat these items here for your reference.

1. Coexistence in Licensed Spectrum

1.1 Among 802.20 systems

1.2 Among 802.20 and non-802.20 systems

1.2.1 Which

1.2.2 Rules of the road - (liaison activity)

2. Analysis of what is in the various types of documents

2.1 Performance (Mandatory)

2.2 Deployment guides (TR)

2.3 Coexistence (TR)

6. Documentation structure