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Access Router Identifier

Dear all,
	Since I'm not sleeping very well over this, I thought I'd
try and sort this issue out.

It appears to me that ARID is an issue which needs to be solved,
but the problem is that the .21 and .11 groups cannot decide
where, as it looks like a cross L2/L3 issue.

So why do we not have a straw poll on this?

The options are

1)	ARID is a .21 issue
2)	ARID is a .11u issue
3)	ARID is mutual .11u/.21 issue
4)	ARID is not an issue
5)	ARID is an issue, but should be dealt with by another 802
6)	ARID is an issue, but should be dealt with by someone outside
      of 802
7)	ARID is an issue, but let's put it on the far side of the
      moon and forget about it

Hmm, I think all these options shows that my mind (and hopefully
yours) is not so clear.

Please can you send your selection to me (privately) and I'll try
and compile some results next week.

Kind regards

Stephen (as a delegate, not a chair)

PS: Before 'anyone' panics, IEEE 802.11u still has ARID (albeit in a
way) as an issue to address and decide upon.