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RE: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th

Hello Mathieu,
I am saying about both based on the current D3.


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> Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 6:54 PM
> To: Junghoon Jee;
> Subject: RE: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th
> Junghoon,
> When you say: "MIH Capability discovery", you're talking 
> about the discovery of the MIH Function or about the 
> discovery of the supported Events & Commands within the MIH 
> Function ? 
> For me:
> *MIH Function Discovery* : discovery of the MIH Function -> 
> for example the IP address of an MIH Entity (e.g. a PoS) *MIH 
> Capability Discovery*: discovery of the capabilities of the 
> MIH Function -> what services the MIH can provide: list of 
> supported Events, list of supported Commands, etc...
> When Stefano says:
> "I **do not believe** it is realistic for any form of L3 
> transport to have the discovery of MIH functions (e.g. even 
> just their IP addressed) built in the MIH protocol."
> I think he is talking about the MIH Function Discovery, not 
> the MIH Capability Discovery.
> If there is a misunderstanding, i think it lies in the word 
> "capability", because we can either say an entity is "MIH 
> Capable", which means an entity embeds an MIH Function, or we 
> can say the MIH has the following capabilities: Events, 
> Commands, etc...
> Regards,
> Mathieu