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RE: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th


When you say: "MIH Capability discovery", you're talking about the
discovery of the MIH Function or about the discovery of the supported
Events & Commands within the MIH Function ? 

For me:

*MIH Function Discovery* : discovery of the MIH Function -> for example
the IP address of an MIH Entity (e.g. a PoS) 
*MIH Capability Discovery*: discovery of the capabilities of the MIH
Function -> what services the MIH can provide: list of supported Events,
list of supported Commands, etc...

When Stefano says:

"I **do not believe** it is realistic for any form of L3 transport to
have the discovery of MIH functions (e.g. even just their IP addressed)
built in the MIH protocol."

I think he is talking about the MIH Function Discovery, not the MIH
Capability Discovery.

If there is a misunderstanding, i think it lies in the word
"capability", because we can either say an entity is "MIH Capable",
which means an entity embeds an MIH Function, or we can say the MIH has
the following capabilities: Events, Commands, etc...