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RE: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th

 Hi Junghoon,

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De : Junghoon Jee [] 
Envoyé : jeudi 1 décembre 2005 04:08
À : zze-Seamless PERESSE M ext RD-RESA-REN;
Objet : RE: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th


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From: zze-Seamless PERESSE M ext RD-RESA-REN [mailto:mperesse.ext@RD.FRANCETELECOM.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 1:06 AM
Subject: Re: [802.21] Ad hoc telecon for Nov 29th

If I understood correclty, there seems to be two different concerns:
- The requirements for the MIH Protocol itself (the actual exchange of MIH
ES and CS messages)
- Higher Layer Requirements for the MIH Function to "function properly"
(things that will involve higher layers but that do not deal with the MIH
protocol itself: discovery, capabilities...)

=> I am not sure how the MIH Capability Discovery related stuff can be
classified to the Higher Layer Requirements. Isn't definitely within the
scope of MIH protocol itself? Please take a look at Section 8.4.1 & 8.5.1 of
the current spec., D3. It's already defined here. Please let's do not
consume our energy by re-inventing the wheel on what is already defined.

[MP] Yes that's right... I didn't take the time to look in the draft for MIH Capability Discovery...
Sorry about that! Indeed my point was mainly to separate the MIH Protocol requirements and "other"
Higher Layer requirement for ES/CS...
So yes I agree that *MIH ES and CS Capability Discovery* can definitely be part of the MIH protocol.
As for *MIH Function Discovery*, I don't know, but I thought that it would not be part of the MIH protocol and handled by some IETF mechanism... That's why I wanted to make a distinction between MIH Protocol Higher Layer reqs and "other" ES/CS Higher Layer reqs  ...