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Re: [802.21] question on MIH event subscription

Sorry, I was not able to keep up my speed with this thread.
First of all, I am little bit confused with the new terminology.
I think you are saying that MIHF should generate events as
well. This is not what we have in our current draft where it
says "Events that are propagated by the MIH to the MIH
users are defined as MIH Events" (page 38, L11).


Qiaobing Xie wrote:
> All,
> I think the following statements should be true:
> - any MIH .indication primitive shall be considered an MIH event
> - an MIH User shall be notified about an MIH event only that User has 
> explicit subscription for the event
> Therefore, we will need to accept the following scenario as perfectly 
> normal:
> 1. An MIH User invokes MIH_Configure_Link and sets some threshold in 
> order to get a link report when that threshold is crossed;
> 2. But he forgets to (or intentionally does not) explicitly subscribe 
> MIH_Link_Parameters_Report.indication event;
> 3. When the event happens, the User will not get the indication.
> My reasoning is that one may want to build a User whose responsibility 
> is just to set link thresholds but the responsibility for receiving 
> and processing the events are delegated to a different User (or 
> Users). The latter will subscribe for the event but not the former.
> regards,
> -Qiaobing