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stds-802-handoff: Non-member submission from [Pekka Nikander <pekka.nikander@nomadiclab.com>]

Forwarded for a non-member.


> One useful output of the DNA discussions would be that the experience
> we
> gain can be fed into the link-layer designers as requirements or
> nice-to-have features. We talked about that, and the WG decided not to
> include an official deliverable for this purpose. I personally believe

> that
> producing such a document would be useful and doable.

I pretty much agree with you that a document targeted to link-layer
designers would be highly useful.  However, it was felt as a part of the
DNA chartering process that it is better to focus, in the WG, on issues
that clearly belong to the IETF.

If you would like to go on further with link layer issues, I would
suggest you to try to get some people from the IAB involved, as IAB is
supposed to co-ordinate the work with other standard bodies. James is
probably interested, but as usual may have a different point of view
from you.  Hence, I guess working with Bernard is probably the best way
to go forward, as he is also deeply involved in this work.  Maybe Itojun
could also help.  Thinking about the actual editing work, my guess is
that Jari might be willing to work on such a document, too.

Hence, maybe you could create a kind of ad hoc group or a "design team",
working together with the IAB, to produce such a document? It could then
be circulated in a number of WGs (DNA, MIPv4, MIPv6, MIPSHOP, DHC, IPv6,
SEND, ...) before putting it out for the IETF LC.