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[8023-10GEPON] UIp-p in jitter budget tables

Dear Dr. Hajduczenia,

I found that you have made the comment #44 against 'UIp-p' in the jitter budget tables.  
But I am afraid I cannot fully understand your discussion.
As for MJSQ, I am not sure which document you mention, but I have the latest working draft 
for Fiber Channel, titled 'Fiber Channel - Methodologies for Jitter and Signal Quality 
Specification - MJSQ' (
The document discusses jitter measurements and specifications overall systematically, 
in order to help the engineers to understand jitter definitions and practical measurements, 
and to instruct people to define the jitter budget apparently in 'UIp-p' (The simple 
example is 'Table 8 - 4.25 GBaud jitter output budget example' in Subclause 12.3.2 on 
page 132).
Last September, our Task Force jitter ad hoc group decided the jitter budgets as indicated 
in 3av_0809_kozaki_2.pdf, and I believe all the discussion participants are experts and 
have full technical understanding about such MJSQ.
Unfortunately, I do not have enough experience to know whether some oscilloscope function 
can measure them precisely or not.  But I found lots of existing jitter budget 
specifications in IEEE, ITU-T, and Fiber channel use 'UIp-p' definition.  
And we should support our ad hoc group decision, in which the jitter budget tables are 
also defined clearly in 'UIp-p'.

Best regards,
Hiroshi Hamano
Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

In the comment list 3av_0906_comments_d3_3_received.pdf, my affiliation is strangely 
printed as 'Fujitsu Component LT'.  I wonder why this happens through the Sponsor Ballot 
procedure on myBallot webpage.  I have never changed my company at all, am still working 
with Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., and have no connection with that company above.
I apologize to all the TF members for giving confusion.  I am now checking the problem 
at the IEEE Standard Association Desk.

Hiroshi Hamano
Network Systems Labs., Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.
Phone:+81-44-754-2641 Fax.+81-44-754-2640