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[8023-10GEPON] D3.3 comment from the floor

Dear all, 

Below please find a comment from the floor against C45, which I will ask the TF to accept for consideration tomorrow. 

--------------------- COMMENT START --------------------- 

Category: Technical	

Page: 44	


Line #: 47

Comment: [submitted on behalf of Hu XinYu, with revisions from Marek Hajduczenia] "10G-EPON BER monitor threshold" occupies bits 8:15 (8 bits) and can have maximum value of 255. Yet, the description of this register states that value of 1600 is supposed to be written into it. Since it is not possible, either (i) limit the size of BER monitor timer and assign extra bits to BER monitor (discouraged, since limits the BER monitor timer value) or (ii) put the BER monitor into separate register at the end of reserved range.

Proposed Change: Suggest to use option (ii) with changes listed in 3av_0906_hajduczenia_3.pdf and marked in blue.

Must Be Satisfied? (enter Yes or No): No

--------------------- COMMENT END --------------------- 

3av_0906_hajduczenia_3.pdf is attached to this email. 

I would like to thank Eric for the off-line discussion on this topic. 


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