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[802.3_50G] proposed agenda for 13 April ad hoc meeting

Below is the proposed agenda for the joint 25G Task Force and 50G/NGOATH Study Group ad hoc meeting for this week.

*       Approval of the Agenda
*       IEEE patent policy reminder:
-       25G TF:
-       50GNGOATH & 200GSMF:  https://<><>
-       Approval of draft minutes for April 6, 2016
*       P802.3by 25G Ad Hoc - Kent Lusted
-       Task Force update, Mark Nowell
*       50GNGOATH Study Groups Ad Hoc - Kent Lusted
-       Study Group Update, Mark Nowell
-       "PCS proposal for 50GbE and NG 100GbE", Gary Nicholl

The call details are available at:<>

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