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[802.3_10SPE] Important - Possible early start for 802.3cg on Wednesday

We now have a pretty fair amount of presentationtime, and judging from the agenda, I’d like to make sure we have time for adequate discussion of baseline motions.

We also have several members who would like to get done by noon on Friday.

Steve Carlson’s NGAUTO (now 802.3ch) group will not be meeting Wednesday.


Therefore, to relieve a little schedule pressure, I am asking the group for their consent to start at 9am on Wednesday, rather than the previously announced 1:30.

If there are any objections, we will not. (you may email me your objection privately if you wish).

Also, as Chair, I will not allow any substantial decisions (we’ll approve minutes and agenda and administrative stuff) prior to the previously announced starting time of the meeting.


Please contact me before 2 PM Central Time Tuesday if you have any questions, concerns or objections.



George A. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chair, IEEE P802.3cg 10Mbps Single Pair Ethernet Task Force

President & Principal Consultant

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in PHYsical Layer Communications