IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force
P2MP (EPON) Baseline Proposals
P2MP Baseline Proposals selected by the EFM Task Force as the basis for the draft of P802.3ah
# Name Company Presentation Title File email
1 Glen Kramer Teknovus Refinement of P2MP Layering Model (pages 7-9) kramer_p2mp_1_0902.pdf
2 Lior Khermosh Passave Frame FEC in EPON Technical Proposal khermosh_fec_1_0902.pdf
1 Lior Khermosh Passave FEC in EPON Technical Proposal  khermosh_general_1_0702.pdf
2 Onn Haran Passave EPON Layering Model (pages 1-3) haran-sala_p2mp_1_0702.pdf
1 Dolors Sala Broadcom MPCP Laser control signal (pages 8-12 and 15-17 only) sala_3_0502.pdf
1 Ariel Maislos Passave MPCP General Description    maislos_1_0312.pdf
2 Dolors Sala Broadcom MPCP Architecture   sala_1_0302.pdf
3 Onn Haran Passave MPCP Timing Model   haran_1_0302.pdf
4 Ryan Hirth Terawave MPCP Frame Format   hirth_1_0302.pdf
5 Bob Gaglianello Lucent MPCP Auto Discovery  gaglianello_1_0302.pdf
6 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco P2P Emulation (pages 1-12 only) suzuki_1_0302.pdf
P2MP Sub-Track Motions
Sep-02 New Orleans  p2mpvoting_1_0902.pdf
Sep-02 FEC motion FEC_motion_0902.pdf
Jul-02 Vancouver   p2mpvoting_1_0702.pdf
May-02 Edinburgh p2mpvoting_1_0502.pdf
Mar-02 St. Louis   p2mpvoting_1_0302.pdf
Last Update: 17 January 03