IEEE 802.3 Ethernet in the First Mile Study Group - January, 2001 Presentation Materials
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MEETING MINUTES minutes_01_2001.pdf
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1 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Agenda and General Information agenda_1_01_2001.pdf
2 Pasi Vaananen Nokia Ethernet for Residential Access Applications vaananen_1_01_2001.pdf
3 David Closs ADC Ethernet in the First Mile closs_1_01_2001.pdf
David Closs's notes from the presentation closs_2_01_2001.pdf
4 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs) pesavento_1_01_2001.pdf
5 Nicolas Nguyen One Path Net Need for Ethernet Based PON Standard nguyen_1_01_2001.pdf
6 John George Lucent Optical Architecture Options george_1_01_2001.pdf
7 Jonathan Thatcher WWP Objectives for "First Mile" Gigabit Optics thatcher_1_01_2001.pdf
8 David Kabal Picolight Optical Ethernet in the First Mile kabal_1_01_2001.pdf
9 Cees Van Der Stoep Calynet The Cost Effective Solution vanderstoep_1_01_2001.pdf
10 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks Robust Ethernet in the First Mile stanley_1_01_2001.pdf
11 Jim Carlo TI Spectrum Management carlo_1_01_2001.pdf
12 Marty Staszak 3Com A Case for the Marriage of Ethernet and DSL staszak_1_01_2001.pdf
13 David Melman Galileo Virtual Private Bridged Networks melman_1_01_2001.pdf
14 John Wolcott WWP Layer 2 Tag Extension - EFM Objective wolcott_1_01_2001.pdf
15 Jon Moore GCPUD Gig-E FTTH moore_1_01_2001.pdf
16 Maha Achour Optical Access Free Space Ethernet achour_1_01_2001.pdf
17 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EPON TDMA frazier_1_01_2001.pdf
18 David Thorne BT A Service/Network Provider's Perspective thorne_1_01_2001.pdf
19 Steve Jackson Nortel Considerations prior to a PAR jackson_1_01_2001.pdf
20 Steve Haddock Extreme Considerations for Project Scope haddock_1_01_2001.pdf
21 Jonathan Thatcher WWP Meta Thoughts thatcher_2_01_2001.pdf
22 Bruce Tolley Cisco Defining Scope and Objectives tolley_1_01_2001.pdf
23 Ed Eckert Nortel T1E1 Status Report eckert_1_01_2001.pdf
24 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Draft PAR and 5 Criteria par_1_01_2001.pdf
25   Goals & Objectives, Poll Summary goals_1_01_2001.pdf