IEEE 802.3 Ethernet in the First Mile Study Group - July, 2001 Presentation Materials
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MEETING MINUTES Meeting Minutes minutes_07_2001.pdf
1 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Agenda and General Information agenda_1_0701.pdf
2 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems PAR and 5 Criteria par_1_0701.pdf
3 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EFM SG Objectives objectives_1_0701.pdf
4 ITU-T SG 15 Liaison Letter ITU-T_SG15_0701.pdf
5 NRIC V FG 3 Liaison Letter NRIC5FG3_2001_074.pdf
6     T1E1.4 Liaison Letter t1e14_0701.pdf
Presentations Related to OAM
7 Dan Romascanu Avaya IETF Ethernet Interfaces & Hub MIB Update romascanu_1_0701.pdf
8 Dan Romascanu Avaya Plans to Re-org Sub-IP Technologies in IETF romascanu_2_0701.pdf
9 Faye Ly Salira OAM in EFM ly_1_0701.pdf
10 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems OAM for Copper, P2P GbE and EPON suzuki_1_0701.pdf
11 Denny Gentry Dominet Systems A MAC Control Solution for OAM gentry_1_0701.pdf
12 Ariel Maislos Passave EFM Fault Detection and Isolation maislos_1_0701.pdf
Presentations Related to EPON
13 Robert Carlisle Corning Ethernet PON Fiber Considerations carlisle_1_0701.pdf
14 Frank Effenberger Quantum Bridge ITU-T Q.2/15 Physical Layer effenberger_1_0701.pdf
15 Ken Murakami Mitsubishi Electric Corp Summary of EPON TC and MAC Approaches murakami_1_0701.pdf
16 Ajay Gummalla Broadcom DOCSIS Overview gummalla_1_0701.pdf
17 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems EPON Compatibility with 802.1D Bridging suzuki_2_0701.pdf
18 Glen Kramer Alloptic EPON TDMA in PHY kramer_1_0701.pdf
19 Deepak Ayyagari ADC Access Control in Ethernet PON ayyagari_1_0701.pdf
20 Onn Haran Passave Ethernet PON Protocol Suggestion haran_1_0701.pdf
21 Dolors Sala Broadcom PON Functional Requirements sala_1_0701.pdf
22 Hal Roberts ADC Cost Effective High Split Ratios for EPON roberts_1_0701.pdf
23 Thomas Murphy Infineon Laser Considerations for Link Budget murphy_1_0701.pdf
24 Wael Diab Cisco Systems Technical and Economic Feasibility of EPON diab_1_0701.pdf
Presentations Related to P2P Fiber
25 Thomas Murphy Infineon Bi-Directional Integrated Optics for EFM murphy_2_0701.pdf
26 Vipul Bhatt Finisar Paper- Cross talk…in Gigabit Ethernet links bhatt_1_0701.pdf
27 Vipul Bhatt Finisar Two New Power Penalties for Single Fiber bhatt_2_0701.pdf
28 Larry Golob Agilent  Power Budgets and Optics Considerations golob_1_0701.pdf
29 Bob Barrett Fiberintheloop Fiberintheloop barrett_1_0701.pdf
Presentations Related to Copper
30 Steven McLaughlin Calimetrics Error Control Coding and Ethernet mclaughlin_1_0701.pdf
31 Frank Miller Oregon Trail Internet Long Reach Requirements 4 Service Providers miller_1_0701.pdf
32 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems Voice Grade Copper barrass_2_0701.pdf
33 Brian Murray Massana 100 Mb/s EFM over Copper murray_1_0701.pdf
34 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks 100BASE-Cu Details stanley_1_0701.pdf
35 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom Standard VDSL Technology oksman_1_0701.pdf
36 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos EFM - Data Rate Analysis rezvani_1_0701.pdf
37 Kobi Mizrahi Infineon Technologies EoVDSL mizrahi_1_0701.pdf
38 Raffaele Penazzi ST Microelectronics Standard DMT VDSL for EFM penazzi_1_0701.pdf
Presentations of General Interest
39 Keith Shaneman Corning Deploying All Optical Access Networks shaneman_1_0701.pdf