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[802.3_DIALOG] Meeting Announcement for Nuts and Bolts of the Internet of Things at IEEE 802 July 2014 plenary


James Gilb, the IEEE 802.24 TAG Chair, asked that I provide you the following information.

Best regards,


At the IEEE 802 Plenary March 2014 Beijing, China, the IEEE 802.24 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) held a session on the "Nuts and Bolts (NaB) of the Internet of Things" to discuss substantive basis for applying 802 standards to evolving "IoT" application space and to gather together like minded experts interested in exploring the topic; presentation material at <>.

As next steps, Chris DiMinico and Hugh Barrass volunteered to co-chair this effort under IEEE 802.24 and to coordinate material via reflector and webex for the next  face-to-face meeting to be held during IEEE 802 July plenary session; Tuesday, July 15 - 19:30-21:30.

There will be a Webex coordination meeting on Friday, 20th June at 8:00 am PST, information available at <>.

Proposed July plenary session meeting agenda

Introductions (Paul Nikolich/James Gilb)

Case studies:
(1)Data Center (sensors) - Mike Bennet (3MG consulting)/others
  --- TIA -942 data center standard (Chris DiMinico/MC Communications co-chair TIA-942)
(2)Security (cameras, sensors) - Andy Jimenez (Anixter)/others

(3)Wireless (overview of 802 standards and other wireless standards) - Fanny Mlinarski (Octoscope) comparisons to wired

(4)Collaboration with TIA...  (Stephanie Montgomery/TBD)
(5)Development of scope document for continuation of effort

Webex coordination meeting....Friday June 20 8:00 am PDT

(1)Review agenda
(2)Review contribution material under agenda topics