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[802.3_DIALOG] Hugh

Like everyone else, I am in a state of shock.  We have lost a colleague and more importantly a friend.

For me it would be difficult to pick out any one of Hugh's many technical contributions.  As Dan said, he served with integrity.  He didn't like the BS games that happened, and would be the first to call it out.  I always respected him for that.  Also, I spoke to him about so many aspects of our world.  As many of you know he was driving the use case ad hoc for the 400GbE task force, because he saw the need for us to think through all of the stuff we are dealing with.

But - and more me importantly, I will remember Hugh as my friend.  We all know how stressful our meetings and worlds get, and he was always the one person who could make us laugh.  He was always able to de-stress a moment.   Hugh and I tried to make a tradition of always heading out to dinner after the last meeting of the week, because we agreed we were too tired to deal with the travel headaches.  Those dinners were always a blast with lots of laughter.  I have attached a picture of our last one in Norfolk.  Hugh making a funny face - no surprise!  It's what he did.

I am sure we all have lots of stories we can tell of him.  My favorite of him - he came up to me once about books - whatever you are reading put it down you have to read this - it was called the art of racing the rain - I know you will love this book - and he was right.  

Several of us are talking about going out Monday night of Plenary week in San Diego to hoise a Guinness or two or three in his memory.  Please see Gary Nicholl or myself for details.  We are trying to locate a pub there that we know Hugh liked.


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