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[802.3_DIALOG] IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3bx) Standard for Ethernet Revision PAR

Dear EC members,

In support of subclause 10.2 'IEEE 802 LMSC Approval' of the LMSC Operations Manual, based on its '48 hour' rule provision, and the concurrence of the sponsor chair as required, please find below the required information in respect to the IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3bx) Standard for Ethernet Revision PAR for consideration at the closing EC meeting on Friday.

Best regards,

[1] Draft PAR and CSD responses:

Draft PAR: Please see file <IEEE_802_3bx_PAR_160714.pdf> attached.
CSD responses: No required.

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

IEEE Std 802.3-2012 will need to have a revision initiated by 2015 to allow consideration of future amendments per standards board policies. This Revision will include the merge of IEEE Std 802.3bk-2013, IEEE Std 802.3bj-2014 and accumulated maintenance changes. It is also expected to include IEEE Std 802.3bm-201x. Because there are multiple other amendments in the "pipeline", it will be desirable to complete this revision by 2015 to provide a solid base for sponsor balloting of other approved amendment projects. These schedule considerations require that new capabilities or functional enhancement will have to be deferred to a future amendment project to avoid delaying approved and current proposed new projects.

[3] Status of the development of the PAR:

The draft PAR is pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at its closing plenary tomorrow.

Attachment: IEEE_802_3bx_PAR_160714.pdf
Description: IEEE_802_3bx_PAR_160714.pdf