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[802.3_DIALOG] Proposed IEEE Std 802.3 revision plan


At the IEEE 802.3 July 2014 opening plenary meeting, it was pointed out that IEEE Std 802.3 will be due for revision within (approximately) the next year.

After gathering the best information available on the development schedules for  current and possible projects, it was revealed that there is window in which a revision can be done with reduced impact to amendments "in flight"

A draft revision plan that takes advantage of this window was assembled and discussed at the Maintenance Task Force meeting this morning. Please see the meeting slides (starting at slide 18) for a description of the proposed plan.


This particular plan requires that we get Working Group and Executive Committee approval for a revision PAR during this plenary week. To that end, the Maintenance Task Force considered and approved a draft PAR. This draft was provided for preview to the Executive Committee under the "48 hour" rule. 

The proposed revision plan will be discussed as part of the Maintenance Task Force closing plenary report. Working Group approval of the revision PAR will also be sought at that time. For convenience, a link to the draft PAR is provided below.


Best regards,

Adam Healey
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group Vice Chair