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Re: [802.3_DIALOG] Future 50 Gigabit Ethernet CFI

Hi Mark,


This is a timely discussion and I would like to join you in encouraging anyone interested in 50G technology to get involved.


In P802.3bs we took a straw poll about interest in 50G after a Task Force presentation and discussion of efforts up to that point.


Straw Poll #4: 10:30 a.m.

Should 802.3 standardize 50Gb/s Ethernet?

(a) No

(b) Yes, as part of 802.3bs Project (P802.3bs PAR modification or new PAR by same Task Force), pending approval of new CFI in Mar 2015.

(c) Yes, in a separate, new 802.3 Project.

(d) No opinion at this time, don’t care, abstain.


a: 0 b: 8 c: 86 d: 20


(see approved minutes: )


This is was a clear _expression_ of strong interest in standardization of 50G technology.


In the meantime, the best opportunity to advance 50G technology is in P802.3bs by standardizing 50G per lane solutions for 400Gb/s Ethernet. These will then directly carry over to the 50G project. This will follow our success in first standardizing multi-lane 25G Technology in 802.3ba, .bj, and .bm, which is now resulting in a quick 25G Project (P802.3by) which is able to build on the substantive prior work.  


It is also important not to limit the next 50G technology project to single lane 50G. There will be strong interest in 2x50G and 4x50G approaches for 100Gb/s Ethernet and 200Gb/s Ethernet. The later will require a new MAC definition. Restricting the CFI to single lane 50G will lead to debate and controversy which is better left to Study Group phase.




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Subject: [802.3_DIALOG] Future 50 Gigabit Ethernet CFI


Dear Colleagues:


I wanted to let everyone know that a number of people have started preliminary discussions that would lead towards having a Call-for-Interest on the topic of single lane 50 Gigabit/s Ethernet at a future plenary meeting of 802.3.  If anyone is interested in helping and contributing, please let me know or talk to me In Pittsburgh.  As we get further along, we will be sharing some of the plans and data we are gathering to support the CFI.