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Re: [802.3_DIALOG] Future 50 Gigabit Ethernet CFI


IEEE sometimes may not be the most efficient process to create standards but is the most technically sound organization to create 50/200 GbE, this activity need to be driven within IEEE with time urgency to neutralize potential MSAs that later on we have to deal with it in IEEE.

We should not look at the 25 GbE project as an isolated after thought Cu DAC only interface, but rather the foundation for 50 GbE.  If 25 GbE implementation is optimum and compatible then we can just up bit rate by 2 to get to 50 GbE.

Ali Ghiasi
Ghiasi Quantum LLC
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On May 7, 2015, at 3:33 PM, Chris Cole <chris.cole@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

These are great examples.
Standardizing 50G and 200G PMDs will continue the successful progression of single and quad channel devices for high volume datacenter applications.
Per lane rate
Single lane rate
Form factor
Quad lane rate
Form factor
Quad data rate
Another great example of multi-lane 50G technology application was cited in your SMF Ad Hoc presentation survey of relevant papers from OFC 2015.
In this post-deadline paper Cisco authors presented a 2x50G PAM-4 (optical) 100Gb/s QSFP28 transceiver using Cisco 50G PAM-4 optics and Broadcom 50G PAM-4 (line side) PHY.  Measurement results were for 10km SMF and 100m OM3.
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Subject: Re: [802.3_DIALOG] Future 50 Gigabit Ethernet CFI
I see opportunity for full spectrum of PMDs for both 50 GbE and 200 GbE including popular break out option with combination of QSFP56 and SFP56:
            - CR
            - KR
            - MMF
            - SMF PSM4/FR/LR
Ali Ghiasi
Ghiasi Quantum LLC
Office (408)352-5346

On May 7, 2015, at 1:31 PM, John DAmbrosia <John_DAmbrosia@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to request clarification of your stated intent below.  You state the CFI will focus on single lane 50Gb/s Ethernet.  While I realize you are initiating this effort – in my opinion the discussion that I am seeing happen is essentially “n” by 50Gb/s per lane with 50GbE and 200GbE being discussed. 
As this is a consensus building process, will you be allowing interested parties to bring presentations forward to state justification for why 200GbE should also be considered?  Based on my conversations, I believe there are a number of individuals who would like these topics discussed together.
Could you also provide any more insight into what you are proposing for single lane 50GbE?  Will this be like the .3by project – Backplane, Cu Twin-as, and MMF?  Or is that a TBD in your mind that you hope to address during consensus building?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
John D’Ambrosia
From: Mark Nowell (mnowell) [mailto:mnowell@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [802.3_DIALOG] Future 50 Gigabit Ethernet CFI
Dear Colleagues:
I wanted to let everyone know that a number of people have started preliminary discussions that would lead towards having a Call-for-Interest on the topic of single lane 50 Gigabit/s Ethernet at a future plenary meeting of 802.3.  If anyone is interested in helping and contributing, please let me know or talk to me In Pittsburgh.  As we get further along, we will be sharing some of the plans and data we are gathering to support the CFI.