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[802.3_DIALOG] P8023bv preview draft


We received a large number of comments in the D1.1 Task Force Review, many more than we got on D1.0.  This increase is not typical and was not anticipated by the TF in May.  While many are editorial, some of the comments if accepted will produce substantive and fairly voluminous text changes.  This will probably make review of changes at the closing plenary a challenge.  Therefore, I will be asking the TF to consider if we should request WG ballot as decided at the May interim TF meeting or withdraw that request and extend TF review.

Some WG members reviewing the preview draft have noted PDF problems (copy and paste, inconsistent text selection, and broken cross references).  We are attempting to fix those problems that show up in the posted PDF.

Bob Grow
Chair, P802.3bv GEPOF Task Force