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[802.3_DIALOG] IEEE802.3 Liaison Letters regarding POE


Attached please find the five liaison letters written yesterday during the ad-hoc for review this afternoon that I had discussed at the opening plenary meeting.

Thanks and take care
Joel Goergen

Attachment: liaison_IEEE-TR42-NEC Code revisions_jrg06.doc
Description: liaison_IEEE-TR42-NEC Code revisions_jrg06.doc

Attachment: liaison_IEEE-EA-NEC Code revisions_jrg02.doc
Description: liaison_IEEE-EA-NEC Code revisions_jrg02.doc

Attachment: liaison_IEEE-ISO_IEC-NEC Code revisions_04.doc
Description: liaison_IEEE-ISO_IEC-NEC Code revisions_04.doc

Attachment: liaison_IEEE-NFPA-NEC Code revisions_jrg06.doc
Description: liaison_IEEE-NFPA-NEC Code revisions_jrg06.doc

Attachment: liaison_IEEE-TC64-NEC Code revisions_jrg05.doc
Description: liaison_IEEE-TC64-NEC Code revisions_jrg05.doc