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[802.3_DIALOG] November PARs from other WGs


I’ve done a review of the PARs from other WG for the November plenary.  This meeting is pretty light on the number of submissions to review.  The two 802.11 PAR modifications seem to me to be quite clean.  The 802.15.10a amendment PAR and CSD comments I have are mostly addressing minor things that some might consider picking at nits.  The 802.1CBcv July comments have been addressed and I have no new comments.  

Comments from my review follow.  


IEEE P802.15.10a Recommended Practice for Routing Packets in IEEE 802.15.4 Dynamically Changing Wireless Networks: Additional routing modes

PAR: <>

2.1, Title

Comment:  PAR does not appear to be output from myProject because of formatting of: Amendment adding additional routing modes, plus amendment title should start with a capital letter.

Proposed remedy:  Amendment: Adding additional routing modes  (the colon should be fixed by myProject, capitalization should be corrected when entered into myProject).


5.2.b, Project scope

Comment:  NesCom conventions require expansion of acronyms.

Proposed remedy:  Expand E2E and P2P in this PAR item.


6.2.b, Registration activity

Comment:  5.2.b of the PAR describes the scope as including “completely define addressing”.  The use of EUIs for addressing is registration activity.  Either the scope is imprecisely stated (e.g., the addressing mentioned is not 802-style MAC addresses contrary to the response to CSD 1.1.2.b); or there is registration activity expected in the amendment, use of MAC addresses.

Proposed remedy:  If answer remains no, explain why the RAC should not need to do a mandatory coorrdination review.  If answer is changed to yes, explain the scope of registration activity, possibly indicating that the use of EUIs is not changed from previously reviewed material.


CSD: <>


Comment:  The amendment title on the CSD does not agree with the title on the PAR

Proposed remedy:  Reconcile the two.



IEEE P802.11ax High Efficiency WLAN

PAR modification request: <

CSD: <>

No comments.


IEEE P802.11az Enhancements for Positioning

PAR modification request: <>

CSD: <>

No comments.


IEEE P802.1CBcv Information Model, YANG Data Model and Management Information Base Module (PAR submitted for July, but consideration was deferred and PAR and CSD were subsequently revised)

PAR:  <>

CSD: <>

No comments, I believe July PAR and CSD comments have been addressed in the revisions.