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[802.3_DIALOG] July PARs from other WG


I didn’t expect anything significant to comment on with the PARs from other WGs for the July plenary meeting and wasn’t surprised when I finally got around to doing a review.  All I found was non-substantive grammar improvements on proposed P802.1Qcz.  If any of you found anything of substance, I’d be interested in seeing/hearing of your concerns.


802.1Qcr - Amendment: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping

PAR Modification and CSD

No comments.


802.1Qcz - Amendment: Congestion Isolation


No Comments


1.2.1, a), 7th line – grammar, “congesting spreading” -> “congestion spreading”.

1.2.5 a), 4th line – grammar, “that size” -> “the size”.


802.1Qdd – Amendment: Resource Allocation Protocol


No comments.


802.11ax - Amendment: High Efficiency WLAN

PAR Extension and CSD Modification

No comments.

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