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Re: [HSSG] Topics for Consideration

Based on my experience with IX and ISP customers I see these reach targets
in each application.

(1) Internet Exchange = VSR/SR, ISP Backbone = VSR/SR/LR/VLR , Content Providers = VSR/SR/LR

(2) ISP Aggregation = VSR/SR/LR, Supercomputing / R&D = VSR/SR, Broadband Aggregation = VSR/SR/LR

(3) Campus Backbone = SR/LR/VLR, Corporate Backbone = SR/LR/VLR, Corporate Data Center = VSR/SR


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Subject: Re: [HSSG] Topics for Consideration
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 07:38:19 -0700
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In the CFI presentation there was a chart showing the expected market adoption of a higher speed Ethernet over time.


First wave shown was: Internet Exchanges, ISP Backbones, Content Providers


Second wave shown was: ISP Aggregation, Supercomputing / R&D, Broadband Aggregation


Third wave shown was: Campus Backbone, Corporate Backbone, Corporate Data Center


In the same presentation there were categories for reach targets: 


Backplane up to 1m

VSR up to 25 m

SR up to 100 m

LR up to 40 Km

VLR beyond 40Km


Assuming that the market adoption projection above is correct we should match the reach definitions to these applications and see what that means regarding the priorities for our work, i.e. :


(1) Internet Exchange = SR, ISP Backbone = ? , Content Providers = SR


(2) ISP Aggregation = ?, Supercomputing / R&D = SR, Broadband Aggregation = ?


(3) Campus Backbone = LR, Corporate Backbone = VLR, Corporate Data Center = SR


What are the answers to the question marks above? 








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Subject: [HSSG] Topics for Consideration



I would like to thank all those who have joined the reflector and will be bringing information and requirements to the table in the future.  I am sure we are going to have a lot of "fun" in the future.


During our first meeting, I anticipate spending a lot of time focusing on objectives.  At the closing plenary I highlighted two issues / objectives that the SG would have to consider:


*         Tradition of 10x leap in speed

*         Multiple Reach Targets


It was also presented that the focus of this effort wasn't for a desktop application, and that the cost model needs to be considered.


I want to encourage everyone to start thinking about these areas and to use the reflector for discussion.  This will assist everyone in providing well-thought out presentations, which will make for a better and more productive meeting in September.  :-)


John D'Ambrosia

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