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[HSSG] Discussion of Objectives


It is encouraging to see the use of the reflector this past week.  Such discussion will assist everyone in providing well thought out and researched presentations, which will assist in a more productive meeting in September.


It is important for us to focus on nailing the objectives.  It is easy for us engineers to fall back into discussion of the technical details, but we do need to make a concerted effort to focus on the big $$$ questions, which will aid the group when we have to go back and get into the technical details.


Over the past week the reflector has been having on-going discussions regarding speed / reach objectives, and just today support of jumbo frames as a possible objective was brought up.  The reflector has been experiencing continuous growth, so for those who have just recently joined, please see the email reflector archive at to review the on-going discussions.


Regarding the September Interim, I still have not received final word on its details.  As soon as I know I will forward to the reflector.


John D’Ambrosia