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Re: [HSSG] Reach Objectives


At 03:47 AM 8/22/2006 , Roger Merel wrote:

Agree with Drew.  Have a few additional comments on other reachs:

For reach objectives, we should start with customer based needs (for broad market potential) and only amend if an obvious technical limitation with compelling economics can t readily meet the broad customer need.


- Long Reach probably should be set at 80km rather than 100km (as this is the common hut-to-hut amplifier spacing in telecom)

- While 50m does serve a useful portion of the market (smaller datacenters and/or the size of a large computer cluster), it is somewhat constraining as I ve been lead to understand that the reach needed in larger datacenters is continuing to out-grow the 100m meter definition but the 100m definition at least serves the customer well.  Certainly 10G-BaseT worked awfully hard to get to 100m (for Datacenter interconnect).

I wouldn't attach a lot of creedence to the 10GBASE-T goal for 100 meters. It was, I believe, mainly driven by the traditional distance in horizontal (i.e. wiring closet to desktop) distances rather than any thorough examination of data center requirements.


- For both in-building reaches (50m & 300m; or 100m & 300m), the bigger issue which affects the PMD is the loss budget arising from the number of patch panels.  The shorter / datacenter reach should include a budget for 1 patch panel.  The longer / enterprise reach should include a budget for 2 patch panels (one in the datacenter and 1 in the remote switch closet).

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I suggest dividing Metro into Metro Short Reach at 10 km (equivalent application to 10GBASE-LR) and Metro Intermediate Reach at 40 km (equivalent application to 10GBASE-ER).





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Subject: [HSSG] Reach Objectives



We have had some conversation on the reflector regarding reach objectives.  Summarizing what has been discussed on the reflector I see the following


Reach Objectives

Long-Haul   --> 100+ km

Metro       --> 10+ km

Data Center --> 50m & 300m


Data Center Reach Segregation



Horizontal runs

Vertical risers


Use this data to identify a single low-cost solution that would address a couple of the reach objectives


Other Areas

During the course of the CFI there were individuals who wanted Backplane Applications kept in for consideration, but I have not heard any further input in this area.  Are there still individuals who wish to propose Backplane as an objective?