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Re: [HSSG] Reach Objectives

Drew suggested a break at 10km reach and 40km reach.



And while likely Single-Mode solutions that support 300m will likely support 2km just as readily ... so in that case, it will likely depending on the PMD adopted…. But I suspect that a distinct PMD for >300m but <=2km probably is not warranted.


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I agree datacenter for up to 100m. How about 10GigE LR disctance (10km) or campus 2km discussed earlier?



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I believe that the Data Center distances should be 100m and 300m.

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[HSSG] Reach Objectives




We have had some conversation on the reflector regarding reach objectives.  Summarizing what has been discussed on the reflector I see the following –
Reach Objectives
Long-Haul   --> 100+ km
Metro       --> 10+ km
Data Center --> 50m & 300m
Data Center Reach Segregation
Horizontal runs
Vertical risers
Use this data to identify a single low-cost solution that would address a couple of the reach objectives
Other Areas
During the course of the CFI there were individuals who wanted Backplane Applications kept in for consideration, but I have not heard any further input in this area.  Are there still individuals who wish to propose Backplane as an objective?