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[HSSG] <HSSG-FO> Fiber Optic Ad Hoc Teleconference Request for affiliation information

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I have been requested to provide the employer and affiliation information for the attendees. If you attended the call, please send me that information and I will amend the minutes to reflect this. Please reply to this message so that I can readily sort the responses.
Attendees: Dan Dove, Chris Cole, Steve Song, Greg McSorley, Larry Green, Schelto Vandoorn,Milind Gokhale, Peter Dartnell, Xavier Clairardin, Winston Way, Shashi Patel, Martin Carroll, Ralf-Peter Braun, Paul Kolesar, Itsuro Morita ,Petar Pepeljugoski, Tremont,Miao,Steve Swanson,Karim Tatah 
I apologize for filling your intray.

Dan Dove