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[HSSG] FW: [802.3] March 802.3 meeting announcement

Please note message from IEEE 802.3 WG Chair, Bob Grow.


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From: Grow, Bob [mailto:bob.grow@INTEL.COM] 
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 9:26 PM
Subject: [802.3] March 802.3 meeting announcement

IEEE 802.3 will meet March 12-15 in Orlando, Florida, USA.  All 802.3
meetings are scheduled for the Caribe Royale (All Suites Resort &
Convention Center).  The deadline for the early registration discount is
fast approaching (23 February).  As always, the LMSC session
announcement, registration and current hotel availability information
can be found through the "Next IEEE 802 Plenary session notice" link on
our home web page ( <file:///\\\3> ).
To receive email updates and reminders for the plenary sessions,
subscribe to the stds-802-ALL reflector (  
The opening 802.3 working group (WG) meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on
Monday, March 12, and the closing 802.3 WG meeting will be 1:00 pm on
Thursday, March 15. These meetings will follow our typical schedule also
found on our web site.  The detailed agenda will be provided and
approved at the meeting; and the minutes of the November meeting can
serve as a prototype order for topics.  As usual, task force (TF), study
group (SG), standing committee and any appropriate ad hoc meetings will
be scheduled between the opening and closing 802.3 meetings. 
A new requirement is in force for this meeting for attendees to declare
their employer and affiliation to receive attendance credit and retain
member privileges.  As usual, attendance credit toward membership
requires attendance at three of the four days of the IEEE 802.3 session,
independent of how long a particular TF might be meeting.  The
attendance books will only be available on Thursday at the closing 802.3
plenary meeting (not during the morning TF meetings).  
A number of WG decisions are expected during the 802.3 meetings (most on
Thursday).  Depending on the amount of discussion, the Thursday meeting
may run beyond our target 
5:30 pm ending time.  To be safe you should plan to be in the meeting
until at least 6:00 pm (especially if you are interested in the study
group activities.  I look forward to seeing you in Orlando. Additional
subgroup information follows.  Contact information for task force and
study group chairs, archival project information and materials for the
upcoming meeting can be found on our web site:
<file:///\\\3> .
Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group 

802.3 BUSINESS (Mon & Thu) 
In addition to regular WG business, there will be discussion of the
revision of IEEE Std 802.3 and the reaffirmation of IEEE Std 1802.3,
possible 802.3 rules changes, plus likely TF and study group business
based on the below status.
P802.3ap Task Force - Backplane Ethernet (probably not meeting) 
P802.3ap is in the Sponsor ballot process and has been submitted to
RevCom per the conditional approval granted in November.  The project
status will be reviewed, but a meeting will only be held if there are
valid new comments submitted during the 3rd Sponsor recirculation ballot
(closing 13 February).  Individuals wishing more information should
contact the Chair, Mr. Adam Healey.  
P802.3ar Task Force - Congestion Management (Tue morning) 
The P802.3ar Task Force remains in a stalemate condition that has not
been resolved.  It was decided during the January interim meeting to
only hold a brief meeting (~ one hour) to discuss if there is any reason
to revisit the current stalemate in 802.3 (from the July 2006 plenary
session).  As previously reported to the WG, Mr. Daines will not be able
to continue as Chair the Task Force.  The January interim requested that
the Chair of 802.3 act as the TF Chair for the short March meeting.
Those wishing to present during the task force meeting should contact
the 802.3 Chair.
P802.3at Task Force - DTE Power Enhancements (Tue-Thu) 
The P802.3at project plans to have an initial draft for review, and will
consider technical proposals for possible inclusion in the P802.3at
draft.  In addition, TF members have been tasked with maintenance
requests related to DTE Power that will be included in P802.3at.  Those
wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the
Chair, Mr. Mike McCormack.
P802.3av Task Force - 10 Gb/s EPON (Tue-Thu)
The P802.3av Task Force was organized at the Knoxville interim. The
group will continue its work to develop a draft, including hearing
proposals for inclusion in a draft.  Those wishing to present during the
task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. Glen Kramer.
Higher Speed Study Group (Tue-Thu)
As with any study group, the meeting will focus on defining the market
requirements and appropriate solutions; with the objective of developing
PAR and Five Criteria documents for a proposed project (or projects).
The Higher Speed Study Group has begun discussion of a possible PAR and
Five Criteria document based on the group's current objectives.  Those
wishing to present during the study group meetings should contact the
Chair, Mr. John D'Ambrosia.
Energy Efficient Ethernet Study Group (Tue-Thu)
The study group held its initial meeting in January.  Presentations and
discussion on project objectives and scope will be considered as well as
presentations and discussion related to five criteria for possible work.
Those wishing to present during the study group meetings should contact
the Chair, Mr. Mike Bennett.
Rules, Maintenance, Interpretations (Tue afternoon) 
Proposed changes to the 802.3 rules are expected prior to the March
meeting deadline.  New and outstanding maintenance requests will also be
processed during the week, the set of maintenance changes ready for
ballot and to be included in the upcoming revision project will be
reviewed.  Maintenance will also be busy handling a number of projects
in ballot.  This includes the IEEE Std 1802-2001 reaffirmation ballot,
P802.3-2005/Cor2 (802.3aw) initial WG ballot resolution, deal with the
two proposed revision PARs (see below) and draft review for those
revision projects.  Any new interpretation requests will also be

IEEE 802.3 PARs 
Two new PARS will be considered in March by IEEE 802.3, the Executive
Committee and Standards Board.  With the stalemate on P802.3ar,
Congestion Management, it is theoretically possible that reconsideration
of the modified PAR and Five Criteria documents from the July meeting
could occur, though there is no plan from the 802.3ar Task Force to do
so.  The two PARs are for revision of IEEE Std 802.3.  As discussed in
November, the plan is to split part of the standard out into a new
standard (now proposed as an P802.1AX instead of P802.3.1):

P802.3REV -- Revision of 802.3 (including 802.3an, 802.3ap, 802.3aq,
802.3as, Cor1, Cor2 and Maint #9 changes). 

P802.1AX -- Link Aggregation (extraction of 802.3 Clause 43 and related

PARs from other IEEE 802 groups
The PARs from other groups to be considered at the July session at time
of announcement include:

P802.1Qay Draft PAR & 5C - Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering
P802.16 - Revision
P802.17c PAR and 5C - Protected Inter-Ring Connection

There will be no 802.3 Call for Interest at the March session.