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[HSSG] HSSG Extension

Dear HSSG members,

I just wanted to inform everyone that the request for the extension of the HSSG was approved by the EC.  This marks the 2nd extension that has been granted to the HSSG.  


I would like to extend my gratitude to all who contributed to the HSSG meeting.  It is clear we still have further work to do regarding the objectives, discussion regarding the number of PAR to recommend, and finally tutorial preparations.


As outlined at the end of the meeting, our action plan going forward includes:


n       Tutorial Preparation

n       At least 40 km PMD Objective

q      Technical feasibility

q      Economic feasibility

n       40G MAC Rate

q      Add as an objective?

q      Economic feasibility

q      Broad market potential

q      What pmds?

n       Cu

q      Add as an objective?

n       # of PAR?

q      Get the work done for all of it


I will start separate email threads on each of the main areas, and I encourage everyone to utilize the reflector for further discussions on each of these areas.