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[802.3BA] question on line card interface

I would appreciate it if someone could help steer me in the right direction.
We are working toward a system that can accommodate different 100 GbE line cards to support different applications.  Within the draft 802.3ba spec, what interface is intended between such line cards and the main system?
I'm assuming CAUI.  Is that correct?

If CAUI is the intended interface, how do I learn about the interface protocol?  I was able to download an early draft several months ago (P
802.3ba D2.0, 12 Mar 2009).  It includes the electrical-signal details for CAUI (i.e., voltages, edge rates, etc.), but I cannot find details on the protocol - such as handshaking, data striping across the channels, etc.  I tried downloading the latest draft spec (D3.0, Nov 2009), but I cannot retrieve it from IEEE Xplore, so I'm not sure if the details I want are in there or not.  Do such details exist in the latest spec, or should I be looking elsewhere?

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