IEEE 802.3 January 2018 Interim Minutes

25 January, 2018
Geneva, Switzerland

Voter list and incoming liaisons


Unconfirmed Minutes, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group Interim, Geneva, Switzerland, 25 January, 2018

Administrative attachments

Attachment A1
IEEE 802.3 Interim agenda

Attachment A2
IEEE 802.3 Interim slides

Attachment A3
IEEE 802.3 Voting member list

Attachment A4
Working Group meeting attendance list

Attachment A5
IEEE 802.3 Attendance list Geneva

Task Force and Study Group attachments

Attachment B1
Task Force or Study Group reports if needed

Liaison Attachments (External and Internal)

Attachment C1

OIF to IEEE P802.3bs and P802.3cd regarding progress on CEI projects
Attachments (Password protected)

Attachment C2
ITU-T SG5 to IEEE 802.3 on Ethernet port isolation

Attachment C3
ITU-T SG15 to IEEE 802.3 on coordination on IM/DM for OAM

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