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IEEE 802.5: The Fun Stuff!

One of the nice things about participating in one of the smaller IEEE 802 groups is that you can get to know all the people involved and have some fun!

The IEEE 802.5 committee is made up from a great bunch of people from around the world and I personally really enjoy interacting with the group, both at and away from the meetings. This page is dedicated to capturing some of these moments. Please feel free to contribute any material that could be posted to these pages, by emailing me at neil.jarvis@iname.com .

Share and enjoy,

-- Neil Jarvis

P.S. If you don't understand what some of the following material is about, then come along and join our committee! We'll be happy to explain...after a few beers.

Note: With my departure from Madge Networks to pastures new (and hopefully greener!) I have removed the fun pages from this server. But don't dispair, because the pictures and text that were here are still available from my personal web site under the A postcard from... pages.
I hope to continue adding new pictures and text there in the future.

Unless otherwise stated all images are copyright © Neil Jarvis.
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