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questions on WG Letter Ballot


I have some questions on the Working Group Letter Ballot rules, both 
written and unwritten. I'd appreciate your guidance:

(1) The 802 Rules don't specify a recirculation duration. Is there 
any objection to 10 days (all-electronic)?

(2) The 802 Rules specify "at least 50 percent of the members 
voting." Does the SEC in practice have a stricter demand?

(3) During recirculation, is it customary (or permissible, or 
advisable) to allow voting by members who failed to participate in 
the first round? This seems problematic for several reasons.

(4) Would such votes be countable for the purposes of computing the 
return rate?

(5) The 802 Rules say that WG 'Membership may be lost if two of the 
last three Working Group letter ballots are not returned, or are 
returned with an abstention other than "lack of technical expertise." 
This rule may be excused by the Working Group Chair if the individual 
is otherwise an active participant.' In deciding how to apply this 
rule, I'd appreciate hearing the policies and experiences of other 
Working Groups.

(6) If (as in (3)) someone skips the original ballot but is allowed 
to vote in the recirc, would you count them as having returned the 
letter ballot for the purposes of membership retention (5)?

Thanks for your help.

Happy New Year!