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RE: [802SEC] Standards CD-ROM and MOTION

At 03:46 PM 8/24/01 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>Hmmm... So Howard was a volunteer for that job?  When I talked to Jim about
>the RS position, he told me that the CD-ROM was part of the job description!
>I was planning to produce it, but wanted to be sure it was something that
>the SEC wants to continue.  I guess the only real way to determine that is
>Moved: That the production of the annual 802 Standards CD-ROM be
>  -Bob O'Hara

I vote AGAINST Bob's motion

I don't think we are quire ready for it yet
I tend to agree with what Buzz has said
The CD-ROMs tend to be useful for folks (stds developers) who need to go 
back and figure out what the state of the standard was in 19nn

I am perfectly willing to assemble and upload a current set of my groups 
standards to a site specified by Bob.
I would hope that each WG chair would do the same.
We should follow Howard's suggestion regarding the CD vendor, that cuts 
down the work

I was the first volunteer for this job. Those two items should make Bob's 
job pretty easy.