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RE: [802SEC] CD-ROM Duties

My intent in starting this discussion was not to skip out on creation of the
CD-ROM, but to determine if the CD-ROM is truly worthwhile, any longer.
Certainly I would not have a problem with F2F or anyone else producing the
disc under contract, I really have enough to do in my real job.  However I
do believe that with big hard drives, fast internet connections, and CD-RW
drives, nearly everyone (not just the voting members) has the ability to
create their own version of the CD-ROM without the SEC getting into the
middle of it.

 -Bob (too)

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Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 1:59 PM
To: 'Rigsbee, Everett O'; Jim Carlo; 802 Geoff Thompson
Subject: RE: [802SEC] CD-ROM Duties

I've been relatively quiet on this one, but I'll jump in here.

1.  I support the continuation of the CD-ROM distribution, even if the cost
is higher than in the past.
2.  If volunteer time is an issue, let's buy the creation of the master as
well as the production.  I expect Face-to-Face could provide a turn key
service taking submission of content from WG Chairs, build the master and
contract the production.


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To: Jim Carlo; 802 Geoff Thompson
Subject: RE: [802SEC] CD-ROM Duties

Geoff,  Just for clarification, the policy states that the Executive is
responsible for distribution of standards
books and CD-ROMs.  However the production of CD-ROMs was assigned to the
Recording Secretary but
this is not specifically noted in the procedure (and maybe should be to
avoid future confusions).
Thanx,  Buzz
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> From: 	Geoff Thompson[]
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> Subject: 	[802SEC] CD-ROM Duties
> do belong to the Executive Secretary
> See Procedure 6
> IEEE 802 -- 2001/01 FILE: LMRULE0301.DOC
> Procedure 6
> 1. Books will be distributed to those participants of the Working Group
and major contributors
> listed in front matter of the standard who directly contributed to that
standard or supplement.
> The LMSC Chair will establish the book distribution policy. The Executive
Secretary in
> conjunction with the Working Group chair will implement the policy
including generating
> information to provide to the IEEE Office for any distribution by IEEE
> 2. CD-ROMs, containing all IEEE 802 standards available at that point in
time, available
> normally at the July Plenary on an annual basis, will be distributed to
registered attendees who
> are Working Group voting members or SEC members at the issuing meeting,
and at
> subsequent plenary meetings for those not attending the issuing meeting
until a new CD-ROM
> is available. Handout will occur on Wednesday (8AM-5PM).
> The CD-ROM program will be reviewed annually by the IEEE 802 Chair and the
> Standards Department to ensure its appropriateness and to make any
adjustments in the
> product development process and business arrangements that might be
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